Sunday Grind Preview - What poker tournaments to play online this Sunday in Ontario? Nov 20th

Sunday Poker Grind
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May 10, 2023
Today is a big Sunday for poker players in Ontario. Pokerstars Fall Fest kicks off and the 888's KO series comes near a close. It seems like there is always a special series running in Ontario of some kind. As a tournament player, it's an ideal situation. It is a healthy and competitive market right now that will be interesting to see mature over the next couple years. Will Ontario sustain running tournament series with similar prize-pools non-stop?  I hope so.

Here is a selection of the biggest major tournaments across the province this Sunday.

5:30pm EST 8:00pm EST and 10:30pm EST $250 Mystery Bounty Main event $100,000 Guaranteed
The KO games main event runs three Day 1's today, with the final being held on Monday at 7:30pm EST. There is a whopping $10,000 Mystery bounty up for grabs.

6:30pm EST  $109 10k Mystery Bounty
Todays $109 Mystery Bounty event drops from last couple weeks 30k down to 10k, presumably to focus on today's main event.

7:00pm EST  $525 15k Sunday High Roller PKO
The Sunday Highroller PKO is back this week. You can get your way in through step-satellites into a $55 with 3 seats guaranteed.

5:05pm EST $100 Fall Fest 9 8-Max Progressive KO (The Harvest)
This two-day event has a 50,000 starting stack and has up to 5 re-entries during the first 4 hours of play.

6:05pm EST $100 Sunday Special 40k Guaranteed
There is some great $20 satellites to this that have 10 or 20 seats guaranteed in them.
This tournament has up to 5 re-entries during late registration period, which lasts for 3 hours.

6:05pm EST  $500 Super High Roller 20k Guaranteed (Boosted Guarantee)
They have $20, $30 and $50 satellites into this one. These things are great and generally get 1 or 2 seats in them each.
Up to 5 re-entries during 3 hr 40mins of late registration.

7:05pm EST $300 Fall-Fest 11 8-max Sunday High-Roller Special Edition 25k Guaranteed
This one has $15 and $30 satellites with 2 seats guaranteed.
Up to 5 re-entries during a 2hr 45 minute late registration.
10:00am 12:00pm 2:00pm 5:00pm 7:00pm 7:30pm EST- $50 Ontario Million$ 100k Guaranteed Day 1's
There will be Day 1's running all day to get into Day 2 which starts at 7:30pm

8:30pm EST $50 Ontario Million$ 100k Guaranteed Day 2
If you make it through one of the Day 1's running today or already have throughout the week, this Day 2 starts ITM.

1:00pm 3:30pm 5:30pm 7:00pm EST Omaholic Bounty MILLION$ $210 buy-in 50k Guaranteed Day 1's
There will be Day 1's running all day to get into Day 2 which starts at 7:30pm

8:30pm EST $210 Omaholic BOUNTY MILLIONS$ 50k Guaranteed Day 2
Day 2 starts ITM

4:00pm EST GG MASTERS - $150 GG Masters Event 50k Guaranteed
This tournament is a Freezout with no re-entries. You can late reg for this all the way up to 7:30pm

6:00pm EST  $525 Sunday High Roller Superstack 15k Guaranteed 
This tournament has unlimited re-entries within 4 hours of late registration.  

7:00pm EST $525 Sunday Bounty Hunters High Roller 20k Guaranteed
This tournament has unlimited re-entries within 4 hours of late registration.  

7:05pm EST The Sunday High-Roller $530 15k Guaranteed
PartyPoker is the pioneer of the $530 High-Roller tournament, having this tournament on their global schedule from as early as I can remember back in 2005. Late registration for 2 and a half hours with two re-entries available.

7:05pm EST The Super Sunday $100 10k Guaranteed

This weekly flagship Sunday major has as progressive bounty format. 
Late registration for 2 and a half hours with two re-entries available.

These buy-ins too rich for your blood? Don't play sattys? No worries. You have plenty of options.  
Here is a very small selection of tournaments for the mid-stakes player.  This is not an exhaustive list, and we encourage you to
choose a site, download it and take a look at the schedule for yourself :) We are sure you'll find plenty of suitable options within your bankroll's budget.

7:00pm EST $22 Mystery Bounty Mini with $5,000 Guaranteed

2:05pm EST $10 Fall Fest 8 $2500 Guaranteed
4:05pm EST $25 Sunday Deepstack $2500 Guaranteed

I've been having a rough week, one of only two sigificantly "red weeks" since these sites were introduced in April, so I'm hoping for a recovery this Sunday and there is certainly many opportunities to do so. I'll be again focusing on
888 and Pokerstars. I haven't been motivated to put any volume on Party yet and for whatever reason I am not experiencing the same success on as I am on the others. I will be playing a satty on there to the GGMasters since they so graciously sent me a promo ticket in my email. If you haven't signed up yet for I do recommend you stop missing out on stuff like this

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Ryan Fisler
Ryan Fisler

Ryan is a poker enthusiast and entrepreneur currently living in Kingston, Ontario.

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