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My name’s Mike, Canadian poker pro, residing in Ontario, Canada and therefore fenced in to the Ontario sites, however, I also play on ACR and Bodog, which are global sites. Been playing poker professionally for ~15 years. Come hang out and have some fun!


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Egption (Patrick Tardif)


From TwoPlusTwo

"Some of you might know me. Most of you won't. Some people still say "hey didnt you have that PLO PG&C?" Yeah I ****ing did. And I sucked at PLO cash so I quit. Jesus I was down like 1.6k in 25plo. my lord that was a pill to swallow. Praise jesus I was backed for it. Anyways, My name's Patrick Tardif. My online alias is "Egption or "IrEgption" and I'd like to think I'm an above average poker player. I've been a recreational poker player since I was in grade 8 and took it seriously in October of 2013. I've dabbled in all forms of poker. PLO, SNGs, NLHE, MTTs, live poker, etc. I've tried it all. I never found "real" success however until my $50 deposit on March 12th, 2015.I told myself "hey I'm going to run this $50 up," like every goofball whose ever deposited. I won my first $0.55 mtt for $78 and never looked back since. At my peak, I turned my $50 roll into $8k. I won a livament for 4700, chopped big 16.50 for 2200, $8.80 nlo8 omania for 1k, Final tabled the $27 SCOOP 8-game for 1k, and a bunch of other "meh" scores.However, things changed in October of 2015. I made the decision to move to Korea. I graduated in June with an honors specialization in Accounting. However, I had no interest in entering the accounting field. I really didn't want to tie myself to a job that could possibly be for life. So I decided I was going to teach English in an Asian Country.I eventually found a job ~4 months later after 3 months "applying", "I swear mom and dad I've been looking everywhere," and "ok now I'm seriously applying and looking everywhere." I had to obliterate my roll to fund the trip.After a lot of life expenses and the occasional degenerate $500 HU hyper, the roll sits around 3.7-4k. Here's My current scenario:- I've got plenty of live casinos to play at. Korea has some great options. Since Koreans aren't allowed to Gambol (Illegal) there aren't very many regs. I'll be dabbling in live poker on weekends. Traveling is super inexpensive.- I'm currently on a stake for Spin&Go's. So far it has gone horrible. I haven't been able to grind MTTs due to work and the inability to dedicate 6-8 hours a day. I'm trying to figure out if cash or spins is my avenue to go with tournaments.- There is an APT in Daegu in March and a APPT in Seoul in April. I plan on playing the main in both (1k/3k)."


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