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Overall Rating

19+Ontario IGaming
Please play responsibly

Cashier Rating

Deposit options include Visa/Mastercard, Interac Online and E-Transfer as well as E-wallets suchas Paypal, Muchbetter and Instadebit. We like to see Paypal as an accepted method and hope the other sites follow suit, as this will make it easier to move your bankroll around.

The amount of your withdrawal up to any previous deposit amounts will be credited towards the method used to deposit, for any additional funds, you can select one of them as the withdrawal method.  Pokerstars withdrawals are known to be some of the fastest in the industry and you can expect your funds within 48 hours usually.

Game Selection Rating

Tournament Action

You can get action in the standard format, turbos or PKO (Progressive Knock-Outs) and there is a decent selection of Mixed Games Tournaments as well.

Pokerstars Ontario has a wide selection of tournaments for all stake levels and regularly hold special series for MTT grinders such as the ONCOOP.

Low-Stakes ($1 to $22)
Key Tournaments

12:05pm Big 10 $10 - $800 GTD

1:05pm Hot Hyper $20 - $600 GTD

2:45pm Progressive KO $10 - $700 GTD

3:30pm Big $20 - $1100 GTD

4:05pm Bounty Builder $5 - $1100 GTD

5:30pm Bounty Builder $10 - $1800 GTD

7:30pm  Big $10 - $1100 GTD

8:05pm Mini Monday Heat, Mini Friday Battle $20 -$3000 GTD

10:15pm Hot $20 (Progressive KO) - $1800 GTD

Sunday Grind (Sunday Specific Tourneys)

2:22pm Double Deuce $22 - $1800 GTD

4:05pm Mini Sunday Special $20 - $5800 GTD

5:05pm Sunday Storm $10 - $2800 GTD

Best Satellites

4:10pm Daily Super High Roller $20 - 2 $530 seats GTD

6:40pm The Brawl Sat $10 - 2 $109 seats GTD

8:15pm Monday Heat Sat (Monday only) $10- 2 $100 seats GTD

8:05pm Thursday Thrill Sat - (Thursday only) $20 - 2 $200 seats GTD

6:15pm Saturday Rumble Sat - (Saturday only $20 - 2 $200 seats GTD

Mixed Games

5:45pm PLO8 $20 - $350 GTD

6:05pm 8-Game Change-up $10 - $200 GTD

7:45pm PLO $10 - $400 GTD

8:05pm NL 5 Card Draw Change-Up $10 - $300 GTD

Mid-Stakes ($25-$55)
Key Tournaments

1:30pm Bounty Builder $30 - $1800 GTD

4:05pm Early Rumble (Saturday Only) $30 - $1600 GTD

4:30pm Fat Monday, Fat Tuesday, Fat Wednesday, Fat Thursday, Fat Friday, Fat Saturday $50 - $2500-$4500 GTD

5:05pm Big $30 - $900 GTD

5:05pm Saturday Eliminator $55 - $3800 GTD

6:05pm Early Thursday Thrill $30 - $4200 GTD

6:05pm Early Friday Battle $30 - $2000 GTD

7:30pm Deepstack Saturday $55 - $3600 GTD

8:05pm Mini Thursday Thrill $50 - $7000 GTD

8:30pm Bounty Builder $30 - $2500 GTD

9:05pm Daily 6 Max $30 - $2200 GTD

10:05pm Mini Fast Thursday $30 - $5,000 GTD

10:05pm Mini Fast Friday $30 - $2000 GTD

12:05pm Midnight Lightning $55 - $5000 GTD

Sunday Grind (Sunday Specific Tourneys)

11:05am Sunday Marathon $50 - $2700 GTD

1:05pm Sunday Grind $50 - $2800 GTD

1:30pm Bounty Builder $30 - $3000 GTD

3:05pm Sunday Mini Warmup $30 - $3000 GTD

8:05pm Mini Fast Sunday $30 - $2000 GTD

10:05pm Sunday Supersonic $50 $4500 GTD

Best Satellites

3:25pm Daily Super High Roller Sat $30 - 2 $530 seats GTD

5:15pm Daily Super High Roller Sat $50 - 1 $530 seat GTD

Mixed Games

9:45pm NL Omaha H/L $30 - $600 GTD

High-Stakes ($100+)
Key Tournaments

4:05pm Thursday Kickoff $100 - $2400 GTD

6:45pm Daily Super High Roller $500 - $8000-$14000 GTD (depending on day)

7:05pm The Brawl $100 - $7500-$9000 GTD (depending on day)

8:05pm Monday Heat $100 - $6500 GTD

8:05pm Wednesday Hustle $100 - $6200 GTD

8:05pm Thursday Thrill $200 - $8500 GTD

8:05pm Friday Battle $100 - $5000 GTD

10:05pm Fast Tuesday, Fast Thursday, Fast Friday $100 - $3000-$4200 GTD

6:05pm Saturday Rumble $200 - $6000 GTD

Sunday Grind (Sunday Specific Tourneys)

1:05pm Sunday Starter $100 - $3000 GTD

3:05pm Sunday Warm-up $100 - $3600 GTD

4:05pm Sunday Special $100 - $35,000 GTD

4:30pm Sunday Super High Roller $500 - $25,000 GTD

5:30pm Sunday High Roller $250 - $12,500 GTD

8:05pm Fast Sunday $100 - $7,000 GTD

Best Satellites

High-Stakes satellites are on the schedule when a big tournament series is on with high-roller events.

Mixed Games

There is no high-stakes mixed games tournaments currently in the regular schedule.


Pokerstars MTT schedule is stacked in every category. For lower or higher stake players alike, you can play a full schedule on Pokerstars alone if you choose. We do recommend playing on Pokerstars Ontario if you are a serious MTT grinder or recreational player looking for decent prizepools.


Jackpot style 3 max SNG tournaments. Spin & Go's are fast-paced, 3-Max Hyper-Turbo Sit & Go tournaments featuring 500-chip starting stacks. Tournaments have randomly drawn prize pools that will award between two and 12,000 times the buy-in, with prizes of up to $1,000,000 to be won.

The buy-in levels are;

$0.25c - Top Prize $2500

$1 - Top Prize $10,000

$2 - Top Prize $20,000

$5 - Top Prize $50,000

$10 - Top Prize $100,000

$20 - Top Prize $200,000

$50 - Top Prize - $500,000

$100 - Top Prize $1 Million

The odds can be found here.


It's nice that Pokerstars is offering an entire heads up, 6-max and 9-max SNG line-up and I'm hoping to see more action at the SNG satellites.

6-Max ranges from $1 to $100 and HU Hypes run from $2 to $200

They are one of the only two sites in the province offering SNGs, alongside bwin Ontario


Pokerstars Ontario has robust action at the 6max cash games. NLHE and PLO.  Games range from 2c/5c to $50/$100. There is plenty of action up til $2/$5 at the NLHE games with several tables of each stake up to that running at all times I have checked. PLO games have much better action then I have seen elsewhere than and there is usually tables up to $1/$2 active which is absolutely amazing to be able to play in an Ontario PLO games that runs.

They offer different game variations like 6+ Holdem and Tempest Hold-em games, though I haven't seen much action at those either.

Promotions Rating

Due to Ontario Gaming regulations, we can't discuss specific details of things like Deposit Bonus and player rewards, but we can sat that we give them a high rating for it and that we find their terms as the best available in the market. Pokerstars promotions are of high quality, and the steady stream of tournament series like ONCOOP with guarantees of 2million+ have shown that Pokerstars intends to grow this market.

Software Rating


Pokerstars has some of the leading software in the poker market. There are plenty of customizable and personalization options. The interface is simple and intuitive. The note-taking, hand replayer, instant hand history, game statistics and hotkeys are just some of the features that Pokerstars excels with. The lobby is well laid out with customizable filters and a search feature that make finding your favorite games a breeze. The mobile app is also very playable with an overall smooth experience.


PokerStars, a prominent name in the online gambling industry, boasts a robust and reliable software platform.

PokerStars operates a custom-built platform, meticulously crafted by a dedicated team of tech experts. Their commitment to excellence is evident in the platform’s stability and performance.

Unlike some competitors who rely on third-party solutions, PokerStars takes full ownership of its software. This approach allows them to tailor features, optimize performance, and swiftly address any issues.

Rare Crashes:

Crashes are a rarity on the PokerStars platform. Their tech team ensures that the software runs smoothly, minimizing disruptions during gameplay.

PokerStars maintains a high level of reliability. The platform’s stability is crucial for maintaining player trust, especially during high-stakes games and critical moments.

Game Integrity and Fair Play:

PokerStars places a strong emphasis on game integrity. Their software undergoes rigorous testing to prevent cheating, collusion, or unfair advantages.

The platform tracks over 235 billion hands of data, ensuring transparency and fair play. This extensive monitoring helps maintain a level playing field for all users.

While some tools and services are permitted (such as basic game state information or numerical-based statistics), PokerStars actively prohibits any features that compromise fairness or give undue advantages 12.

In summary, PokerStars stands as a beacon of reliability in the online gambling realm. Their custom platform, vigilant tech team, and commitment to fair play contribute to an enjoyable and secure gaming experience for players worldwide


PokerStars, renowned for its award-winning software, offers a plethora of features that enhance the player experience. Let’s explore these features in detail:

Run It Twice:

Definition: When two players are all-in, the remaining community cards are dealt twice, creating two separate outcomes. The pot is split between the winners of each run.

Purpose: Run It Twice reduces variance and adds an extra layer of excitement during critical moments.

All-In Cashout:

Definition: When a player is all-in, they have the option to cash out a portion of their equity in the pot. The remaining equity continues to play out normally.

Purpose: All-In Cashout mitigates risk and allows players to secure some winnings even when facing an uncertain outcome.

Throwing Objects at Opponents:

Definition: In the virtual world, players can express themselves by “throwing” various objects (e.g., tomatoes, roses, or even virtual snowballs) at opponents during play.

Purpose: While not directly affecting gameplay, this feature adds a fun and interactive element, allowing players to engage in playful banter.

Active Waiting Lists:

Definition: When a table is full, players can join an active waiting list. As soon as a seat becomes available, the next player on the list is automatically seated.

Purpose: Active waiting lists streamline the process, ensuring that players don’t miss out on action.

Quick Seat:

Definition: The Quick Seat feature provides easy access to the most popular games without the need to spend time choosing a specific table.

How It Works: Simply click the Quick Seat tab and select the style of poker you want to play. After choosing your buy-in, you’ll be directed to a table with an available seat.

Purpose: Quick Seat streamlines the process, allowing players to jump right into the action without delay.

User Interface

PokerStars’ lobby is thoughtfully designed, ensuring easy navigation for players. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer, finding your preferred games and tournaments is simple. The platform’s commitment to customization allows you to tailor the look and feel according to your preferences. Whether it’s adjusting table backgrounds, card designs, or avatars, PokerStars ensures a personalized touch.

Pokerstars User Interface
Mobile App

The PokerStars mobile app stands as a pinnacle of excellence in the online poker world. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a casual player, this app brings the thrill of poker right to your fingertips. Let’s dive into what makes it exceptional:

Seamless Experience: Just like playing on your computer, but in the palm of your hand. The app’s interface mirrors the desktop version, ensuring a smooth transition between devices. Whether you’re commuting, waiting in line, or relaxing at home, PokerStars keeps you connected to the game.

Multi-Table Magic: Fire up between four and five online poker tables on both Apple iOS and Android devices. The software is efficient and doesn’t hog your data. Whether you’re chasing a quick session or settling in for an extended play, the iPad experience is top-notch12.

Intuitive Design: The app’s function buttons—like Fold and Check—are neatly arranged, allowing for precise gameplay. While some apps fall short in this area, PokerStars ensures that every move is deliberate and error-free3.

Secure Transactions: Worried about deposits and withdrawals? Fear not! PokerStars’ mobile app provides full access to the Cashier feature. Safely manage your funds using your preferred payment method, whether you’re on the train or sipping coffee at a café.

So, if you’re ready to take your poker game on the road, download the PokerStars mobile app today. It’s free, user-friendly, and packed with features that rival playing on your desktop. Don’t miss out on tournaments, special offers, and lucrative opportunities—wherever you are, PokerStars has you covered!

Pokerstars Mobile App

In conclusion, PokerStars stands out as a leader in the online poker industry with its top-notch software and array of features designed to enhance the player experience. The platform's stability and performance are unmatched, thanks to a custom-built platform and a dedicated tech team that prioritizes reliability. With a strong emphasis on game integrity and fair play, PokerStars ensures a level playing field for all users. Moreover, the mobile app provides a seamless and secure way to enjoy poker anytime, anywhere. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a casual player, PokerStars offers a personalized and engaging gaming experience that sets it apart in the world of online gambling. Download the PokerStars mobile app today and discover the excitement that awaits you on the virtual felt!

Customer Support Rating

Pokerstars support is available by email and live chat. The live chat agents are very competent and resolve issues quickly. Email support has a quick turnaround time for responding. I was even impressed with their Virtual Assistant, as it is able to appropriately respond to most queries with good detail. Our users have no current unresolved issues with Pokerstars.

Overall Rating

In summary, we recommend Pokerstars as a great option for online poker players in Ontario, Canada. Backed by industry leading software and the widest game selection, Pokerstars Ontario option is the best option for a serious grinder.

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