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Overall Rating

19+Ontario IGaming
Please play responsibly

Cashier Rating

Deposit options:

Visa/Mastercard, Interac E-Transfer and Paysafe cards typically available at local gas stations.

Withdrawal Policy:

They operate a closed loop system. The amount of your withdrawal up to any previous deposit amounts will be credited towards the method used to deposit, for any additional funds, the only withdrawal method available is Wire Transfer to your bank account. This isn't terrible but it leaves something to be desired and we think 888 should allow E-transfer withdrawals for the additional funds. That being said, the withdrawals are processed very quickly. Mine have all been approved within 24 hours and then processed within another 48-72 hours.

Game Selection Rating


888Poker Ontario has a solid MTT schedule with a major focus on KO variants including the very popular Mystery Bounty format which 888 uses for it's largest daily and weekly tournaments. Mid-stakes and satellite players will especially find the schedule very appealing. They regularly are running great tournament series with nice prizepools and have an amazing lineup of freerolls if you're just getting started or building a bankroll from scratch. There truly is something for everyone on 888;


$12k worth of weekly freerolls make 888Poker.ca the best option for those who'd like to spin up a bankroll without making a deposit, although some of the freerolls are for depositors only. The field sizes are manageable and we feel 888 is offering generous value here in an intelligent way that benefits their ecosystem. In addition to the regular lineup of freerolls listed below, 888 generally has even more freerolls usually branded under some theme (currently Wizard Freerolls).

Daily Freebies

These are completely free to play with no play or deposit requirements

11:00am and 6:00pm - Daily Freebie - 3 $109 seats GTD

Funky Gift Drops

These tickets are handed out liberally to players who are playing in any stake real money cash games, BLAST or tournaments.

11:00am - Funky Gift Drop - 3 $55 seats GTD

11:00pm - Funky Gift Drop - 1 $109 seat GTD

Winner Spinner

This ticket is really easy to get by just spinning their promotional Winner Spinner wheel which you can do for free everyday.

3:00pm - Winner Spinner Freeroll - 3 $109 seats GTD

Restricted Freerolls

Weekly on Saturdays at 1:15pm - Depositors Free Tournament - $300 GTD

(These last two are restricted to ticket holders and I have no idea how to qualify for them, with no luck on my inquiries)

Monthly on last Friday of the month - 888 PokerClub All-In Freeroll Tournament - $1000 GTD

Monthly on last Saturday of the month - Monthly Elite Tournament - $5000 GTD

Low Stakes ($1-$22)

There is plenty of tournaments to play with beatable fields if you are a low-stakes grinder on 888, but you'd better know how to adjust to KO tournaments and be ready to play late because these have a great structure with alot of play on the FT and generally start later in the day.

Key Tournaments

5:15pm - Mystery Bounty 8Max $11 - $1000 GTD

6:30pm - PKO Rumble $8.8- $400 GTD

7:30pm - Mystery Bounty $5.50 - $500 GTD

8:30pm - PKO Rumble $22 - $500 GTD

9:30pm - Mystery Bounty $8.80 - $500 GTD

10:00pm - Mystery Bounty 8max $16.50 - $1000 GTD

Sunday Grind (Sunday Specific Tournaments)

1:00pm - Sunday Big Shot $16.50 - $1000 GTD 

7:00pm - Mystery Bounty 8Max $22 - $2000 GTD

Best Satellites

888Poker Ontario is a low stakes satellite players paradise with plenty of excellent satellites and sub-satellites running regularly. There is an enormous amount of value in these for a few reasons; weak competition, overlays and an excellent blind structure to name a few. If you're a low stakes player trying to build a bankroll and you like to get yourself into some bigger tourneys, 888Poker offers you the best opportunity there is in Ontario to effectively do this. They don't seem to mind that most of these things overlay all of the time, and have been slow to change guarantees, especially at these lower stakes. You can make a seriously profitable grind out of just playing these if you are a skilled satellite player and study ICM.

1:00pm - $5.50 satellite to the PKO Rumble $55 - 5 seats GTD

2:25pm - $8.80 satellite to the PKO Rumble $55 - 3 seats GTD

3:25pm - $8.80 satellite to the PKO Rumble $55 - 5 seats GTD

3:30pm - $16.50 satellite to the PKO Rumble $109 - 2 seats GTD

4:00pm - $3.30 satellite to the PKO Rumble $33 - 3 seats GTD

4:00pm - $3.30 satellite to the Big Shot $22 - 5 seats GTD

4:30pm - $16.50 satellite to the Mystery Bounty $109 - 5 seats GTD

4:30pm - $16.50 satellite to the PKO Rumble $109 - 3 seats GTD

5:30pm - $16.50 satellite to the Mystery Bounty $109 - 5 seats GTD

7:00pm - $22 satellite to the Big Shot $215 - 3 seats GTD

Mixed Games

There is only a few very small low-stakes PLO tournaments.

4:30pm - PKOmaha 6-Max $4.40 - $100 GTD

Mid Stakes (up to $55)
Key Tournaments

4:15pm - PKO Rumble 8Max $55 - $1000 GTD

5:30pm - PKO Rumble $55 - $1000 GTD

7:00pm - PKO Rumble $33 - $600 GTD

8:00pm - Big Shot 8Max $55 - $1000 GTD

Sunday Grind

4:15pm - Sunday PKO Rumble $55 - $2000 GTD

5:00pm - $55 satellite to the $525 Sunday Highroller - 2 seats GTD

Best Satellites

(Tuesdays and Thursdays Only)

6:00pm - $55 satellite to the $525 Highroller - 2 seats GTD

7:05pm - $55 satellite the the $525 Highroller - 1 seat GTD

Mixed Games

There is no regular PLO mid-stakes tournaments on the schedule.

High Stakes ($100+)
Key Tournaments

6:30pm - PKO Rumble $109 - $3000 GTD

7:30pm - Mystery Bounty 8Max $109 - $10,000 GTD

8:00pm - The Highroller $525 - $5000 GTD (Tuesdays and Thursdays only)

9:00pm - Big Shot 8Max $215 - $4,000 GTD

Sunday Grind

6:30pm - Sunday Mystery Bounty Main Event - $30,000 GTD

7:00pm - Sunday Highroller - $10,000 GTD

Mixed Games

There is no regular PLO high-stakes tournaments on the schedule.


Jackpot style 3 max SNG tournaments. The buy-in levels are;

$0.10c - Top Prize $1000

$1 - Top Prize $10,000

$5 - Top Prize $1,000,000

$20 - Top Prize $200,000

$50 - Top Prize $500,000

A great value-added feature is the $1,000 in Daily Blast Leaderboards with prizes in the form of Blast tickets that have no bonus clearing requirements (a huge upgrade to their previous policy)


Format is the industry standard 6max games. NLHE and PLO.  Games range from 1c/2c to $10/$20. There is plenty of action up til $1/2 NLHE and bigger games run fairly often as well. The PLO games here don't really run, but the ones I have played in were juicy. You can't buy in for specific amounts and can choose between three presets, min(40bb), middle(70bb) or max(100bb), which translates to $80, $140 or $200 in the $1/$2 game. The games are fun to play in and run smoothly. Despite lesser rewards for playing them, these are the only online cash games in Ontario I really play because I find the games have softer competition despite some tough regulars.

Push Or Fold

The push or fold games aren't really named correctly, because unlike the similar format on GGPoker Ontario you actually aren't restricted to pushing or folding in these games which means you can limp, min-raise and click it back to your hearts content, despite the short stack. These games have a 5BB max buy-in and are only available at $2/5 and $5/10 levels.

Promotions Rating

Due to Ontario Igaming advertising regulations we can no longer display information regarding site promotions such as deposit bonuses, rakeback, leaderboards and other rewards. To view information about these types of offerings, users must visit the 888 website.

Software Rating


888poker has recently rolled out a major update to its desktop software, bringing a fresh and modern look alongside several functional improvements. Here’s a breakdown of the new features and enhancements:

User Interface and Design

The new 888poker software sports a sleek, contemporary design that improves both aesthetics and functionality. The lobby and tables have been revamped with a cleaner look, making navigation more intuitive. Key changes include:

Modernized Lobby:

The lobby now features a simplified layout, making it easier for players to find and join games. The improved filtering options allow users to quickly locate their preferred game types and stakes.

Table Aesthetics:

The tables have been redesigned to provide a more immersive playing experience. High-definition graphics and smoother animations enhance visual appeal, while the customizable themes let players personalize their environment.

Performance and Usability

Performance has been a significant focus of the update, ensuring that the software runs smoothly even during peak times. Key improvements include:

Enhanced Stability:

The new software is more stable, with fewer crashes and disconnections. This reliability is crucial for maintaining a seamless gaming experience.

Faster Load Times:

Players will notice significantly reduced load times when launching the software and switching between different sections of the lobby.

Optimized for Multitabling:

The update includes better support for multitabling, with features like easier table resizing and improved tile and cascade views. This makes managing multiple games more efficient and less cluttered.

New Features

888poker has also introduced several new features aimed at enhancing the overall player experience:

Hand Replayer:

The new hand replayer tool allows players to review previous hands with ease. This feature is particularly useful for analyzing gameplay and improving strategies.

Game Customization:

Players can now customize various aspects of their game, including table themes, card designs, and avatar options. These personalization features make the playing experience more enjoyable and unique to each user.

Enhanced Player Notes:

The updated software includes an improved player notes system, allowing for more detailed and organized note-taking. This is beneficial for tracking opponents’ tendencies and strategies over time.

888Poker Table on Desktop Screen

Mobile App

While the primary focus in recent updates has been on the desktop version, 888poker has ensured that the mobile experience remains seamless. The software update ensures better synchronization between desktop and mobile platforms, allowing players to switch devices without losing their progress.

The 888Poker mobile app is another excellent aspect of the platform. With high-quality software for Android and iOS, the mobile app is perfect for players who want to join the action on the go. The app can be easily downloaded, and players can sign in and access all the features of the desktop version, including a wide range of filters to find desired tables and tournaments.

One of the standout features of the mobile app is its intuitive design. The app has a one-handed portrait mode, allowing players to play their favorite poker games anywhere they are. The app is accessible on all smartphones and tablets, and players can access Blast SNG's, cash games as well as multi-table events that come with guaranteed prize pools and low-cost buy-ins.

Moreover, the 888Poker mobile app is available on Android, iPhone, and other iOS devices. It is safe and secure to use with full access to the Cashier feature that allows players to deposit and withdraw funds using their preferred payment method. Whether you are on the train, at work, or just relaxing at home, the 888Poker mobile app allows you to enjoy your favorite poker games with ease and convenience.

888Poker Mobile App
888Poker Mobile App


The latest 888poker software update marks a significant step forward in providing an exceptional online poker experience. With its modern design, enhanced performance, and new features, 888poker continues to be a top choice for both recreational and professional players in Ontario.

Try the new 888poker software today and experience the difference!

Customer Support Rating

888Poker support is available in Ontario by email at support-on@888.ca and toll-free phone number at 1 833 677 8890

The toll-free phone option is a preferred option for us as we like to be able to speak to someone directly when having an issue. Email support can take a couple of days to get back to you, in our experience. Our users have no current unresolved issues with 888 and any inquiries we have had with them have been resolved in a courteous and professional manner. 888Poker currently has the best customer support in Ontario.

Rake Rating

  • Cash Games: The rake is typically 5% of the pot, with the exact cap depending on the stake level. For example, in lower limit games such as $0.02/$0.05, the cap is $1, while higher limit games like $2/$5 have a cap of $5. This means in a $20 pot at $0.05/$0.10, the rake would be $1. The "no flop, no drop" policy applies, meaning no rake is taken if the flop is not seen.
  • Tournaments: The rake is included as a part of the buy-in. For instance, in a $3.30 tournament, $3 goes towards the prize pool, and $0.30 is the rake. The tournament fees generally range from 6.13% to 10% depending on the buy-in level
  • BLAST SNGs: The rake is built into the buy-in, and the rake percentage can vary. Specific rake details are not explicitly stated, but it generally follows industry norms for similar formats.
888Poker Ontario Rake Structure

Overall Rating

In summary, we recommend 888Poker as premier option for online poker players in Ontario, Canada. Backed by strong promotions and excellent game selection, 888poker's Ontario option is the best option for a small bankroll.

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