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19+Ontario IGaming
Please play responsibly

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Deposit options:

Visa/Mastercard, Interac E-transfer, LuxonPay and Muchbetter

Withdrawal Policy:

They operate on a closed-loop system which means that the amount of your withdrawal up to any previous deposit amounts will be credited towards the method used to deposit. For any additional funds, you can select another withdrawal method. withdrawals are approved with 24 hours and generally credited between 48-72 hours.

Game Selection Rating

Tournament Action

Buy-ins on the site range all the way from $0.25 T-Builders up to the $1000+ WSOP ring and bracelet events. The exciting partnership between GG and WSOP brings a wealth of opportunities for poker tournament players in Ontario to go for a big score. You can get action in the standard format or take your shot in some Bounty events. GGPoker Ontario has the best selection of PLO tournaments in Ontario. There is often an exciting tournament series running with WSOP bracelets or rings up for grabs. There is no shortage of deep value at a variety of levels across the site. Especially enticing is the enormous amount of high value satellites that routinely overlay.

Low-Stakes ($1 to $22)

If you are a low-stakes grinder than GGPoker Ontario has an abundance of options for you. In addition to the key tournaments below, there is a robust schedule of satellites, $T Builders and Daily Big's and Daily Turbos at each buyin level from $1 up to $20 that provide the smaller bankrolls something to grind with smaller fields and low variance. If you're just getting started and you want to start even lower than this, you'll want to check out our guide on "How to Get Started in Online Poker without a bankroll."

Key Tournaments (these tournaments provide the discerning MTT grinder the best value)

2:05pm - Daily Special $6 - $400 GTD

3:05pm - Mini Hundred Stack $10 - $1000 GTD (Starting Stack 200BB )

5:30pm - Bounty Hunters Special $15 - $2500 GTD

7:05pm - Bounty King Jr $10.50 - $2200 GTD

9:05pm - Mini Lucky SEVENS Superstack 7-Max Turbo $7.77 - $777 GTD (Starting Stack 500BB)

Sunday Grind (Sunday Specific Tourneys)

1:05pm - Sunday Marathon $5.5 - $500 GTD

3:05pm - Sunday Mini-Hundred Stack $10 - $1250 GTD

6:05pm - Sunday Fifty-Stack $5.5 - $500 GTD

7:05pm - Sunday Bounty King Jr. $10.50 - $2500 GTD

9:05pm - Sunday Mini Lucky SEVENS Superstack 7-Max Turbo $7.77 - $1000 GTD (Starting Stack 500BB)

Best Satellites

Hourly or Semi-Hourly around the clock - $15 Mega to GGmasters $150 - 2 seats GTD (often overlays)

Around the clock - $1.50 Sub-Satellite to the $15 Mega - 2 seats GTD

Mixed Games

3:40pm - Omaholic Deepstack $5 - $100 GTD

5:40pm - Omaholic Bounty $10.50 - $200 GTD

7:40pm - Omaholic Bounty Deepstack $5.25 $100 GTD

9:40pm - Omaholic Bounty Deepstack Turbo $10.50 $200 GTD

Mid-Stakes ($25-$55)

There are some high value tournaments at the mid level on the schedule. The weekly Ontario MILLIONS is arguably the best value tournament in Ontario for mid-stakes players. 

Key Tournaments (these tournaments provide the discerning MTT grinder the best value)

1:30pm Bounty Hunter Special $31.5 -$2000 GTD

6:05pm Fifty-Stack $55 - $5000 GTD

6:30pm Bounty Hunters Deepstack Turbo $31.50 - $1800 GTD

8:00pm Mini-Wednesday Double stack $25 - $2000 GTD *Wednesday only

8:30pm Bounty Hunters Special $52.50 - $2000 GTD

Sunday Grind (Sunday Specific Tourneys)

8:30pm Ontario MILLIONS Final Day $50 - 100k GTD (Day 1's run several times a day all week)

Best Satellites

2:40pm and 3:40pm $55 Satellites to the Daily $500 Highroller. It is not uncommon for these to overlay or not even run some days.

Mixed Games

There is unfortunately not regular mid-stakes PLO on the tournament schedule.

High-Stakes ($100+)

For the high rollers, they have plenty of action with two daily $500 High Roller Events, one of them being a progressive bounty tournament. Several other tournaments in the $100 to $250 range help fill out a deep schedule for the serious tournament grinder.

Key Tournaments (these tournaments provide the discerning MTT grinder the best value)

5:05pm Daily Deepstack $200 - 5k GTD

6:05pm Daily High Roller $500 - 10k GTD

7:05pm Bounty King $100 - 10k GTD

8:05pm Monday Monster Stack $250 - 10k GTD

8:05pm Tuesday Classic $250 - 10k GTD

8:05pm Wednesday Double Stack $250 - 10k GTD

8:00pm Thursday Throwdown $210 - 10k GTD

8:00pm Friday Night Fight $210 - 10k GTD

Sunday Grind (Sunday Specific Tourneys)

3:05pm Sunday Hundred Stack $100 - 10k GTD

4:05pm Sunday Deepstack $250 - 10k GTD

5:00pm GGMasters $150 - 50k GTD

5:30pm Bounty Hunters Sunday Big Game $210 - 12.5k GTD

6:05pm Sunday High Roller $500 - 20k GTD

8:30pm Sunday High Roller Bounty $500 - 10k GTD

10:05pm Sunday Heater $210 - 5k GTD

Best Satellites

The time to play high-stakes satellites is when they have a tournament series going on. You'll find plenty of $100 and $200 buy-in satellites to the $1k events which are usually Ring or Bracelet events.

Mixed Games

They don't appear to currently have any high stakes PLO on their schedule other than WSOP series events.


Overall, I highly recommend mixing this site into your schedule if you are a serious Ontario tournament grinder, although I would also encourage you to diversify into the other sites as well and not hold all your eggs in one basket. The tournament schedule is very solid and offers the most value. The Weekly Sunday Flagships are the biggest Sunday GTD's across Ontario. The competition at the higher levels seems to be tougher than it is elsewhere, so keep that in mind when practicing game selection.


Jackpot style 3 max SNG tournaments. The buy-in levels are;

$0.25c - Top Prize $5,000

$1 - Top Prize $100,000

$5 - Top Prize $100,000

$20 - Top Prize $400,000

$50 - Top Prize - $1,000,000

A unique feature that offers is "Insurance" where you can get your buy-in back whenever hitting the lowest multiplier. (we don't recommend using this feature)

The probabilities are as follows

spin and gold prizepool payout table
Courtesy of

The blind structure depends on the multiplier, and you can expect more play the higher multiplier you get.

spin and gold blind structure
Blind Structure for Spin and Gold


They aren't offering standard SNGs.


GGPoker has very healthy action at their 6max cash games with the highest traffic of Ontario sites. NLHE stakes range from 1c/2c up to $25/$50 NL and PLO stakes go up to $10/20. The tables are all pretty busy other then $10/20 and you can find games around the clock. The only downside to playing these games if that GGPoker Ontario charges a higher net rake than the competitors. This fact alone is why they get 4 or 5 stars in the game selection category.

One of the coolest things about the cash games is the Straddle feature, which you don't find anywhere else. Live Poker players will be familiar with the action inducing option. This is a pre-flop bet that's not mandatory but can be placed by players before the hole cards are dealt. The player to the left of the big blind is usually asked if they want to place a straddle bet, which is usually twice the big blind. The player to their left can also double that bet by re-straddling. At WSOP Ontario, the straddling action is quite wild, with no limit on the number of straddles per hand and players in all positions allowed to straddle. Placing a straddle bet can make the game more thrilling and increase the stakes. A similar feature is the No-Look All-In Blind option for the true gamblers.

The rakeback generated in these games is substantial and if you're a grinder there is the Daily $5,000 Leaderboards for NLHE and PLO.

The PLO games have the most action In Ontario by a decent margin.

All-In or Fold Games

One of the reasons is our top-rated online poker platform is that they offer a wide range of exciting game variants. One such variant that's exclusive to is the All-In or Fold game. It's a fast-paced game where players choose between going All-In or folding on every hand with only 8 big blinds. The game is designed to keep things simple and exciting, with no chance for the action to slow down.

What's more, every time you go All-In, you stand a chance to win an instant cash prize in the All-In or Fold Jackpot. The jackpot builds continuously, with 50% of the fee for all games of All-In or Fold contributing directly to the total. To win the jackpot, you must make at least a straight flush by using both of your hole cards.

In All-In or Fold games, players are allowed to remove chips from the table at any time, and the maximum initial buy-in is 8 big blinds. This game variant is perfect for players looking for non-stop excitement with no break in the action. So, if you're looking for an adrenaline-pumping poker experience, head to GGPoker Ontario and try the All-In or Fold game today!

Disclosure- We have an affiliate arrangement with GGPoker. These lists are not exhaustive. Check the Tournament Lobby  for up-to-date information. You must be 19 years old to participate.

Promotions Rating

Playing on GGPoker Ontario is rewarding in many ways. but due to Ontario IGaming Regulations, we cannot advertise specific promotions. For information on rewards and incentives you have to visit the website of the operator.

Software Rating


GGPoker Ontario online poker room is equipped with top-notch GGPoker software, renowned globally as one of the best online poker platforms for desktop and mobile. This software offers Ontario poker players an accessible, first-class poker client, complete with all the unique features of the international version. The client is also uncomplicated to install on your computer and performs efficiently on both PC, Mac. IOS and Android. The lobby or home view ensures that you don't miss any essential promotions or unique tournaments, as they are all displayed.


GGPoker sofware provider NSUS LTD, offers a poker software that is both swift and dependable, especially useful for multi-tabling online poker players. This poker client is intuitive and easy to navigate. With six different game categories available at the top of the client, finding your preferred game is effortless.


GGPoker Ontario offers a wide range of unique features and functions that cater to both recreational and professional players. These features include:

Integrated Smart HUD

All players have access to the same Heads Up Display (HUD) with basic stats. The platform doesn't allow third-party trackers, giving everyone the same information. smarthud

An overview of your entire poker journey on the site, featuring all your hands, sessions, and other relevant stats. It is stored safely in a database that you can access at any time.

EV Cashouts

You can cash out the percentage of the pot that belongs to you according to your Expected Value (EV) in all-in situations, avoiding bad beats.

Staking Platform

You can buy and sell tournament action securely within the client without relying on third-party websites or personal deals.

Card Squeeze

You have the option to squeeze your cards instead of having them revealed immediately. card squeeze
User Interface

The user interface is designed to be visually pleasing and user-friendly. The platform's lobby allows easy navigation between different sections including cash games, tournaments, sit & go, Spin & Gold, and more. With just a few clicks, you can access the cashier and other options. In addition, the client offers a range of amusing emotes that can be used during gameplay to express your emotions and enhance the fun factor. The platform also provides several table backgrounds that are aesthetically pleasing, making it ideal for extended gaming sessions. Lobby
Mobile App

The mobile app offers a portrait mode that is user-friendly and allows you to play games without rotating your phone. The interface is simple and provides easy access to all the necessary action buttons and options. You can play up to four tables simultaneously and switch between games effortlessly. GGPoker's mobile app offers cash games, MTTs, Spin & Gold, and more in all formats. You can easily fund your account and withdraw your winnings directly from your phone, making it suitable for both recreational and serious players. Minimum Compatibility - Android 6.0, iPhone 7, iPad Air 2, and iPad Mini 4 Mobile MOBILE

GGPoker Ontario is a fantastic online poker platform in Ontario, powered by GGPoker software. Its features, reliability, and stability make it an excellent choice for poker enthusiasts. Whether you're a recreational or professional player, the software is easy to use and offers a range of functions that cater to all your needs. Its mobile app is also one of the best in the province, offering a clean interface and all the features available on the desktop version.

Customer Support Rating

GGPoker Ontario support is available by email and live chat through their social media channels. They respond to issues fairly promptly and competently. They should have a toll-free number like they do in the US markets, but haven't offered one yet. The best way to contact them is to email and they are available 24/7.

Rake Rating

  • Cash Games: The rake is 5% of the pot with varying caps based on the stakes and game type. For instance, lower stakes like $0.01/$0.02 have a cap of $0.50, while higher stakes like $1/$2 have a cap up to $2.50. GGPoker follows the "no flop, no drop" policy, similar to PokerStars​
  • Tournaments: The rake for tournaments on GGPoker is typically around 7% to 10% of the buy-in, similar to PokerStars. This means that for a $10 buy-in tournament, the rake would be around $0.70 to $1.00​
  • Spin and Gold: The rake in spins is 7%
GGPoker Ontario Rake Structure

Overall Rating

In summary, we highly recommend GGpoker Ontario as the best option for online poker tournaments  in Ontario, Canada. They have so much going for them and have came out blazing. If they reduced total net rake in cash games, this would be the perfect poker room.

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