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May 10, 2023

We would like to announce the sponsorship of Bean3008 (Max) Twitch stream.  
Supporting this entertaining stream is mandatory viewing for Ontario Poker fans and grinders alike as we build the Ontario poker community together.

On that note, we interviewed Max to introduce this poker stream to Ontario poker fans. 

OntarioPoker -  Tell us a little bit about your poker background, how long you've been playing and what successes or failures you've had.
Max (bean3008) - I started playing as a young kid taught by my father. Learning as I grew up. When I hit 19 years old I started playing online and live with little to no success. As I played more hands and was put into tougher spots for larger money I learned from trail and error more then anything else.
My biggest failures have been in the past few months coming short on huge scores( for Ontario only poker) busting at the start of many final tables in the 200-500-$1000 buy ins
My biggest success in poker was the ONCOOP where I came out smelling like roses up around $20,000 in a few short weeks.

OntarioPoker - What motivated you to start streaming?   How would you describe your stream?
Max (bean3008) - I started streaming because I have a love for the game and wanted to share that experience with others. Plus what it is like to grind in this new Ontario only format.

OntarioPoker - What do you think of the regulated Ontario poker market?  How do you like it compared to the way it was before?
Max (bean3008) - At first I hated the idea of Ontario only. Just a few weeks before I had come 13th in the Sunday million and I was Devastated to find out I wouldn’t get that chance again.  After I got used to the new rules I have enjoyed Ontario only. But I do miss the days of huge prize pools and hope one day we will get them back.
OntarioPoker - Which site is your fav to play on?  Do you play anywhere else?
Max (bean3008) - I play on PokerStars mostly but I have started to branch out to GG, Party and recently started an account on 888. Once I get a feel for the new sites I will do some sort of a challenge on them live on stream.

OntarioPoker  - Favorite live venue in Ontario?
Max (bean3008) One of the only venue’s I have played in Ontario is  Rideau carlton. I typically travel to Quebec to play at playground or lac lamey.

OntarioPoker  - What are your poker goals? Plans in the future?
Max (bean3008) - Currently I am doing a Bankroll challenge on GG with a start of $200 and a goal of $10,000 completed within the year. The total goal for poker is to be a six figure winner online in 2024 and play some huge live events this year.

We are excited to support Max on his poker journey and if anyone want's to discuss poker or whatever else with Max or Ryan (jusgivithere) then stop by our community and let's get it going. The Ontario poker boom is here and we should have our own "containment board" for all things Ontario Poker.

You guys can tune in to the stream at https://www.twitch.tv/bean3008

There is no set schedule right now, but he streams a couple times a week from around 5pm-7pm EST until about 11pm or when the session ends.

See you there!

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Ryan Fisler
Ryan Fisler

Ryan is a poker enthusiast and entrepreneur currently living in Kingston, Ontario.

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