Get Ready for the Biggest Ontario Poker Series Ever at GG ONTARIO FESTIVAL May 5 - June 11!

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May 8, 2024

GGPoker Ontario Festival is underway!

Step into the world of high-stakes poker excitement with the GG Ontario Festival, where players from all skill levels can experience the thrill of competing for life-changing prizes. With a staggering $5 million CAD guaranteed prize pool, this is the biggest series ever to run in the Ontario poker market to date. Ongoing since May 5 and running to June 11, there is plenty of time to get in on the action. With buy-ins catering to three distinct tiers - Low, Medium, and High - there's a spot for everyone at the table. Don't miss out on the chance to compete in highlighted events like the $525 Mega Mystery Millions, the $5 Ontario Mini MILLION$, and the $1,500 GG Ontario Championship. Join us for a poker extravaganza unlike any other, where every hand dealt could be your ticket to victory and life-changing prizes. Welcome to the GG Ontario Festival, where the stakes are high, the excitement is palpable, and the rewards are waiting for those bold enough to seize them.

Event Schedule

These are a list of the key events of the series. For the full schedule visit

May 5 Sun 17:00 M $150 GGMasters Grand Opening $150 $60,000

May 12 Sun 20:30 L $5 Ontario Mini MILLION$ [Final Day] $5 $20,000

May 12 Sun 20:30 L $5.25 Mystery Mini MILLION$ [Final Stage] $5.25 $25,000

May 12 Sun 17:00 L $25 GGMasters Special Edition $25 $20,000

May 19 Sun 20:30 M $50 Ontario MILLION$ Festival Edition [Final Day] $50 $100,000

May 19 Sun 20:30 M $52.50 Mystery MILLION$ - $10K Top Bounty [Final] $52.50 $100,000

May 19 Sun 17:00 M $150 GGMasters Ontario Festival $150 $50,000

May 26 Sun 20:30 H $500 Ontario MILLION$ HR Edition [Final] $500 $150,000

May 26 Sun 20:30 H $525 Mega Mystery MILLION$ [Final Stage] $525 $200,000

May 26 Sun 17:00 H $1,050 GGMasters Festival High Roller $1,050 $100,000

Jun 2 Sun 20:30 M $50 Ontario MILLION$ Mini Main [Final] $50 $100,000

Jun 2 Sun 17:00 H $1,500 GG Ontario Championship $1,500 $200,000

Jun 9 Sun 20:30 H $210 Ontario MILLION$ Closer [Bounty Turbo, Final] $210 $200,000

Jun 9 Sun 17:00 M $150 GGMasters Ontario Festival $150 $50,000


Joining the GG Ontario Festival leaderboard promises an added layer of competition and excitement for participants across all three tiers. As players showcase their skills and strive for the top spots, the low tier offers a leaderboard prize pool of $25,000 with 15 places paid, rewarding the champion with $4,000 in winnings. In the medium tier, the stakes are equally enticing with a $25,000 prize pool distributed among 10 winners, the first-place finisher taking home $5,000. Moving up to the high tier, competitors vying for leaderboard glory will contend for a $25,000 reward pool with 10 places paid, where the ultimate victor secures an impressive $6,000 prize.

Whether you're a seasoned pro looking to dominate the high tier or a newcomer aiming to make your mark in the low tier, the GG Ontario Festival leaderboard adds an extra layer of thrill to your tournament experience. With significant rewards awaiting the top performers in each tier - including $4,000 for the low tier champion, $5,000 for the middle tier victor, and an impressive $6,000 for the leader of the high tier - the leaderboard standings are sure to fuel intense competition and push players to showcase their poker prowess. Take your place among the ranks of the best in the festival, climb the leaderboard ladder, and secure your chance at claiming not just victory in the tournaments, but also the prestigious leaderboard prizes awaiting those who prove themselves worthy

Terms and Conditions

Players must be aged 19+ to participate in this tournament.

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If any players fall under suspicion of fraudulent activity, has the right to investigate and remove the players once confirmed.

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