Elements Casino Brantford Poker Room

40 Icomm Dr, Brantford, ON N3S 7S9

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Elements Casino Brantford Poker Room
Elements Casino Brantford Poker Room

Property Rating

This casino has no on-site hotel or level of amenities of it's competitors on this list. The casino has undergone some improvements in recent times, but still is underwhelming compared to its counterparts. The poker room does have a quaint dedicated area with sufficient space, although it can feel crowded when busy. Wait times for a seat can be some of the longest in the province, up there with Casino Niagara.

10 tables

Open 10am-4am

Game Selection Rating

Elements runs Limit Holdem and No-Limit Holdem. There is regularly Limit games running at 10/20 or 20/40.
The NLHE games are $1/2 and $2/5 with typically several tables of each running.

A couple of times a week they run a deep stack game where the rule is that anyone can buyin to the table up to the amount the chipleader at the table has at any given time. As you can imagine, this creates a very deep stack poker game which can be very juicy and players mistakes can be amplified.

Rake Rating

10% up to $15

Like some of the other rooms reviewed on this site, the Elements Casino decided to sharply increase the poker rake after resuming operations from the Covid shutdown.  We feel this is a short-sighted mistake as it takes too much off the table, ruining the economy of the game and having players bust too fast, not getting enough play for the money. The games almost unplayable for a serious player, which might be what they are going for. When you see a rake this high, compared to the $6 you'll get in Vegas or some other reasonable gambling location, you have to wonder if this suggests that they are trying to discourage serious players and basically looking to just rinse the gamblers. We feel rake this high is extreme and that the low stake game should be avoided. You can still earn at $2/$5 or in the deepstack games with a good win-rate but this level of gouging makes playing at a room with lower rake or online where you can multi-table a far better option for any serious grinder.

Staff Rating

In my experience, the Elements Casino is understaffed. The wait list can be too long, with a few open tables, but nobody to deal. If you're wanting to see a waitress at the table, it might be hours. The floor staff seem to favor the regulars a little too much and I've seen people skip wait lists, getting what looked like preferential treatment. That being said, the dealers are pretty good.

Overall Rating

I've probably played here more than anywhere else over the years, mainly because I used to like Limit and I seem to always do good in the games there but I can't recommend serious poker players to play in Brantford at the current rake costs, unless its to take a shot in the deep stack game.

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Elements Casino Brantford Poker Room
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