Casino Niagara Poker Room

5705 Falls Ave, Niagara Falls, ON L2E 6T3

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Casino Niagara Poker Room
Casino Niagara Poker Room

Property Rating

Casino Niagara is a decent casino, though it often pales in comparison to it's neighbor, Fallsview. For some time now, all poker action in Niagara is held at Casino Niagara instead of both Casino Niagara and Fallsview. There is no hotel on site, though there is many accommodations in the immediate area such as Hilton Suites. Parking is complimentary if you're playing in the poker room, which is nice. If you're travelling from the US, you can change currency at the cashier. Standard amenities are available, including several restaurants. There is talk of a Bellagio style all-you-can eat buffet coming for poker players.

Wait times can be long, especially at peak times it can take hours to find a seat so calling ahead is recommended.

Hours - 12pm - 4am         

18 tables

Game Selection Rating

Cash Games

1/3 runs regularly

2/5 runs regularly

5/10 runs occasionally (weekend)

The competition ranges from local Ontario regular grinders, recreational gamblers and tourists. The skill level widely varies from table to table but the games are known to be splashy during peak hours.


There is currently no tournament schedule available for Casino Niagara. We will be ready to report any changes in this and look forward to big tournament series returning to Niagara in the future.

Rake Rating

Session Fee - $7 per half hour

The $7 every half-hour session fee is about 5BB per hour in rake to play the game at the lower stake. We consider this a slightly high rake and it makes the lower stakes difficult to beat unless you are crushing. That being said, it has the best rake value in Ontario as of this writing. Don't get turned off by the concept of a session fee as opposed to a fixed rake, because this format is actually better for you, the player, in comparison to the going rake rates around Ontario.

Staff Rating

The staff at Casino Niagara are well-trained and courteous. Customer service is handled with care and the floor-staff do a great job. The dealers are good though a few can be a bit talkative, which can slow the game down and be somewhat annoying for a game with such a high rake.

Overall Rating

In summary, we recommend Casino Niagara as the 2nd best option if you are looking for a place to grind in Ontario. This rating could improve with the introduction of a tournament schedule. If you are looking for a live game with rake that isn't exorbitant, than you don't have many options to choose from so Niagara has to be near the top of any list in Ontario as of this writing.

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Casino Niagara Poker Room
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