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195 Princes' Blvd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3

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CNE Poker
CNE Poker

Property Rating

The room has a campy cafeteria vibe to it and you have to navigate your way through the CNE to find it. The seats are uncomfortable and the wait times to get a seat are the longest of any of the rooms.

22 Tables

Open 12pm until 6am during CNE season (late July until Early September)

Game Selection Rating

Cash Games

1/2 NL and 2/5 NL* run regularly

20/40 Omaha runs occasionally.

The level of play is some of the worst you are likely to find in all of Ontario in any venue, live or online. They should be getting more stars in this category for these reasons, but there is a major issue holding them back. *The NL games aren't really No-Limit. They are $100 spread limit, that only allow a max of $100 bet per street. If this wasn't the case, these games would be the best ones in the province to play in. With that flaw, you can't really play typical NL strategy in the same way. Let's hope this rule gets changed for next year (unlikely) because if it was, I'd play the games for the whole season. As it stands, I only find value in the tournament and the active Omaha game.


They hold an annual tournament with a good structure. It has multiple SNG flights to a semi-final where the winners of the semi-final leg go to the final. In the first flight, 2nd and 3rd get your money back. We really like this format because we can fire multiple bullets to try to get into the final and it makes for a decent prizepool, $150,000 for 2022.

Rake Rating

10% up to $12

This level of rake makes the game very difficult to beat and we feel it's too high. The ideal rake for these games is up to $6 or $8 and this level of rake has a negative effect on the game economy. With that in mind, it's less than a few of the other rooms that charge up to $15 so it gets 2 stars instead of 1 for not going for the maximum gouge the others did.

Staff Rating

The CNE poker room staff  were polite and competent enough, though it appears they are hiring staff with less experience than typical casino staff and it can at times affect the flow and enjoyment of the games.

Overall Rating

In summary, it's probably not worth it to grind at the CNE games in the condition they are in ($100 max bet) with $12 rake and a grounds admission fee to even get in. We do think the tournament offers good value and is worth taking a shot in. Otherwise, it's a pass.

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CNE Poker
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