Caesars Windsor Poker Room

377 Riverside Dr E, Windsor, ON N9A 7H7

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Caesars Windsor Poker Room
Caesars Windsor Poker Room

Property Rating

Caesars Windsor is a 4-star resort with an upscale hotel and several restaurants of different budget levels. They have a fitness centre on site as well as a full-service spa. The poker room has its own dedicated and spacious area with comfortable chairs.

14 tables

Open 12pm-4am

Game Selection Rating

Cash Games

1/3 NLHE with $500 max buyin runs regularly. The game plays higher then a typical $1/$2 or $1/$3 game due to the deeper stacks in play.

1/3 PLO runs occasionally.

The regulars are a mix of really tight older players and some younger very aggressive folks. Although the play isn't exactly GTO in most cases, as someone who has played recently in every single Ontario poker room, it is my opinion that Windsor has the toughest competition at this stake level. You do get a mix of tourists and weekend warriors punting off but there is a core group of regulars that are above-average in skill.


There is currently no tournament schedule available.

Rake Rating

10% up to $8 at 1/3 is the best rake in the province, up there with Casino Niagara.

Windsor is only one of two rooms in the province not currently gouging customers with the rake.  

You also get a $1 per hour comp back with a players card.

Staff Rating

The staff in Caesars Windsor are especially friendly. The dealers can vary in quality but for the most part are very good. The floor staff are excellent. The folks at the cashier cage and within the casino, even the security is well spirited. Caesars' Windsor has a great vibe to it, which is nice considering that Windsor itself doesn't generally share that vibe. This poker room, hotel and casino is well-staffed.

Overall Rating

In summary, it is our view that Caesars currently has the best live poker game in the province, overall. For a competent player who isn't phased by the tough regulars, its the best choice. Casino Niagara is a close 2nd and may be preferable for those looking for wider game selection.

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Caesars Windsor Poker Room
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