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Overall Rating

19+Ontario IGaming
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Cashier Rating

bwin cashie

bwin users enjoy the same cashier options as PartyPoker. There are more options than competitors. You can use e-transfer, credit/debit cards, direct online banking payments and e-wallet providers MuchBetter or Luxonpay. You can also withdraw by e-transfer with no fee, and get the money within 3 business days. Funds must be withdrawn to the method that you deposited with on a closed loop system.

Game Selection Rating

Tournament Action

Buy-ins on the site range all the way from $0.50 up to the $500 Daily High Roller, which runs Tuesdays(7k), Thursdays(7k) and Sundays(15k). They periodically run an Ontario Poker Championship series with a $50,000 Main Event.

Some of the daily highlights include the Daily C-Note, a $109 buyin 5k gtd event and the $55 masters with 2.5k gtd. On the lower end there is a daily $3, 300k gtd called The Stack which features an ultra deep 300k starting chips.  The weekly specials include the $109 Super Sunday 10k gtd and $55 Super Sunday with 3k gtd, as well as the aforementioned High Roller.  On Mondays and Wednesdays they have a Super $320 buy-in with 6k gtd.

There is a wide variation between formats like Bounty, Turbo and Deepstacks and even a few PLO. There is a few smaller freerolls for the grinder starting out with nothing. Satellite players are given plenty of opportunities on bwin.

Low Stakes ($1 to $22)
Key Tournaments

2:30pm Deepstack $11 $200 GTD

3:30pm Bounty Hunter $16.50 $400 GTD

5:05pm The Predator $22 $1k GTD

6:30pm The Terminator $11 $1k GTD

7:30pm Bounty Hunter $11 $300 GTD

8:05pm The Blade $22 $600 GTD

9:30pm Bounty Hunter $11 $400 GTD

10pm Classic Turbo $22 $500 GTD

11pm $11 Ultrasonic $300 GTD

11:30pm Classic Hyper $22 $500 GTD

Sunday Grind - Sunday Specific Tourneys

5:05pm Super Sunday $22 $1.5k GTD

6:30pm Super Sunday $11 $1k GTD

Best Satellites

4pm The High Roller Feeder $7.50 - 3 $55 seats GTD

4pm The Superstack Sat $3.30 - 2 $55 seats GTD

4pm The Gladiator Sat $7.50 - 3 $55 seats GTD

5pm The Daily C-Note Sat $16.50 - 2 $109 seats GTD

5pm The Gladiator Sat $7.50 - 2 $55 seats GTD

6pm The Gladiator Sat $7.50 - 2 $55 seats GTD

6pm The Daily C-Note Sat $16.50 - 2 $109 seats GTD

6:30pm The Daily C-Note Sat $16.50 - 2 $109 seats GTD

7pm The Sprint Sat $7.50 - 2 $55 seats GTD

8pm The Sprint Sat $7.50 - 2 $55 seats GTD

8:30pm The Sprint Sat $7.50 - 2 $55 seats GTD

Mixed Games

5:35pm PLO Deepstack $5.50 $125 GTD

7:35pm PLO Bounty Hunter $11 $200 GTD

Mid Stakes ($25-$55)
Key Tournaments

4:05pm Bounty Hunter $33 $750 GTD

5:05pm The Superstack $55 $1.5k GTD

6:05pm The Gladiator $1.5k GTD

7:05pm The Titan $33 $1.25k GTD

9:05pm The Sprint $55 1.25k GTD

10:30pm The Ultrasonic $33 $750 GTD

Sunday Grind - Sunday Specific Tourneys

3:05pm The Sunday Grind $1.25k GTD

5:05pm The Sunday Superstack $55 $2k GTD

6:05pm The Super Sunday $55 $2.5k GTD

7:05pm The Super Sunday $33 $1.5k GTD

9pm The Sunday Sprint $55 1.25k GTD

Best Satellites

5pm The High Roller Sat $55 - 1 $530 seat

Mixed Games

There isn't any mid-stakes mixed games MTTs currently available.

High Stakes ($75+)
Key Tournaments

7:05pm The High Roller $530 $7.5k GTD (Tuesdays and Thursdays)

7:05pm The Daily C-Note $109 $3k GTD

Sunday Grind - Sunday Specific Tourneys

7:05pm The Sunday High Roller $530 $10k GTD 

7:05pm The Super Sunday 100 $7.5k GTD

8:35pm The Sunday Fast 100 $109 $2.5k GTD


While a little bit light up top on on the schedule with not alot of options for high stakes players, bwin has a schedule that caters to the low and mid-stakes grinders and is especially dense with satellites. If you are doing well on the other sites I would recommend branching out and adding a few of these tournaments into your schedule. If you are a low stakes or satellite grinder, then bwin is definitely one of your best options.


Jackpot style 3 max SNG tournaments. Fast paced tournaments with a starting stack of 500 chips and blinds increasing every 3 minutes.

The buy-in levels are;

$1 - Top Prize $10,000

$5 - Top Prize $50,000

$10 - Top Prize $100,000

$50 - Top Prize - $500,000

Here is the odds table for the $10 and $50 levels.

$10 SPINS bwin Ontario odds table
From   Must be 19 years of age or older to participate.
From  Must be 19 years of age or older to participate.


They offer heads up and 6-max hyper turbos with buy-ins ranging from $5 to $100. They are one of the only two sites in the province offering SNGs.


Games range from 5c/10c to $10/$25.

Bwin Ontario has good action at NL Hold-em up to the 1/2 level with higher stakes occasionally running and a table of 2/5 during peak times.


PLO games also run regularly up until $1/$2

Heads-up Cash Games

This network is the only Ontario option to offer Heads-Up cash games which some prefer to play.  This combined with offering SNG's gives bwin an easy 4 stars in the game selection category. With a few more tournaments at the $100+ level, we could give them a 5 star.

Disclosure- We have an affiliate arrangement with bwin Ontario. These lists are not exhaustive. Check the Tournament Lobby of bwin Ontario for up-to-date information. You must be 19 years old to participate.

Promotions Rating

Due to Ontario Gaming Regulations, all promotions should only be accessed through the operator themselves, in this case, bwin

Software Rating

The bwin software is straightforward and easy to navigate. The filter system works well to find the games you want to play. The tables run well but I've noticed a slightly lower hands per hour on Party network compared to the others.

bwins mobile apps are user friendly and one of the best options if you're a mobile only player.

The software generally runs very smoothly, but of all the Ontario sites, it is more prone to crash if trying to play on multiple sites at once. It's not a major problem, unless you are multi-tabling on several sites at once in which case you may potentially face some issues without some precautions. If you are trying to play all four Ontario sites at once, make sure you don't have any other programs running and that your setup has sufficient processing power and RAM.

Customer Support Rating

Bwin support can be contacted through an email form on their website and live chat. In my experience, they are a very competent and efficient team that I believe is the same team across the other PartyNetwork sites, partnered with Entain. These guys do a a great job responding to customer concerns and inquiries in a reasonable amount of time.

Rake Rating

  • Cash Games: The rake is also around 5% of the pot, with varying caps based on stake levels. For micro-stakes like $0.01/$0.02, the cap might be as low as $0.50, while higher stakes like $1/$2 can have caps up to $3.
  • Tournaments: The tournament fees are generally around 10% of the buy-in. For example, a $10 tournament buy-in might include a $9 contribution to the prize pool and a $1 fee for the platform.
  • Spins: Spins tournaments on Bwin have different stakes with rake typically around 7-8% for lower buy-ins, decreasing for higher buy-ins. Specific percentages can vary.
Bwin Ontario Rake structure

Overall Rating

Overall, in our opinion, bwin is an excellent option for Ontario recreational players and grinders alike. With a top-tier cashier, solid promotions and decent game variety, there is alot going for them.

They may not have as big guarantees as some of the other sites, but we feel they are being realistic and building a sustainable model. They're certainly a must play if you're a Heads-up No-Limit Hold-Em enthusiast in Ontario.

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