Casino Rama Poker Room

5899 Rama Road, Cumberland Beach, ON L0K1T0

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Casino Rama Poker Room
Casino Rama Poker Room

Property Rating

Casino Rama is a resort property that offers a wide array of attractions, but the poker room feels like an afterthought. It's sandwiched into a small section of the gaming floor, and this detracts from the overall experience. The casino previously had a dedicated poker room, which many, including myself, fondly remember. If they carved out a proper corner for poker players to play, I would rate them higher in this category.

Additional Amenities

Beyond our main focus of the poker room, the casino floor has 2,200 slot machines and over 60 table games. There is a plethora of options to get your grub on at Casino Rama. There are 8 different places to eat at the resort – from economy to fine dining. We can’t forget the 5,000-seat entertainment center which is a major attraction holding concerts with major headliners every couple of weeks. The property includes a 300-room all-suite hotel, decked out with an upscale spa and health club facility so guests can stay active.

  • Number of Tables: 6
  • Hours of Operation:
  • Weekdays: Monday to Thursday 11am-11pm
  • Weekends & Holidays: 24 hours (ending 11pm on Sunday)

Game Selection Rating

Cash Games
  • 1/2 NLHE: This game runs regularly and is populated by a mix of retirees, locals, and beginner poker players. This competition can be advantageous for sharp players.
  • 2/5 NLHE: Also runs regularly and provides a good option for those looking for higher stakes.

Even though there aren’t many tables, you usually won’t wait long for a seat, and if necessary, the staff is quick to open more. The poker games here have the highest average age of any in Ontario; it’s common to find retirees and local recreational players among them, which makes this a great place for good players to make more profit at the tables.


Currently, Casino Rama does not offer any poker tournaments. If they did have tournaments, I would have given them 5 stars here simply for how soft the field is.

Rake Rating

  • Rake: 10% up to $15 per hand.

Like several other casinos, Casino Rama increased its poker rake post-Covid shutdown. This decision is seen as detrimental to the game's economy, as it reduces the amount of money in play and causes players to bust more quickly. High rake makes low-stakes games almost unplayable for serious players. While one can still potentially earn at 2/5 NLHE, the level of rake makes playing at rooms with lower rake or online multi-tabling a more viable option for serious grinders.

Staff Rating

The staff at Casino Rama are well-trained and manage the poker room efficiently. They handle difficult situations with finesse, and the dealers are professional. The competent floor people settle disputes fairly.

Overall Rating

Casino Rama has potential but falls short in several key areas. The lack of a dedicated poker room and the high rake are serious downsides. On one hand, skilled players should clean up in this game with the level of competition, but the high rake is less appealing to serious poker grinders. The property is very nice and the staff is excellent and very friendly. To improve, Casino Rama should consider reopening a dedicated poker room and lowering the rake to attract more serious players.

To sum up, Casino Rama has good poker but it’s overshadowed by high rake and no actual poker room. This means it’s still an option for people who want to play casually or in a laid-back atmosphere. Nonetheless, there are other places with better conditions and lower rake.

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Casino Rama Poker Room
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